Product Care

All Liberty & Oak products are handmade – the artisanal nature is highlighted in the uniqueness of each product – minor imperfections only add to the beauty and story.

Classic Kantha and Kantha Mini Throw Blankets can be machine washed and dried for easy care.  The more you wash your blanket, the softer it gets!

Kimonos should be washed in a mesh washing bag to protect the integrity of the belt and hung to dry. Bamboo kimonos will shrink if washed on hot or dried in the dryer.

Natural Dye products (including kimonos and blankets) should be washed in cold water using a non-bleach natural detergent; avoid direct sunlight.

If there are any issues with your product, please contact us.  We know how your product was made, including what it was made from, and we personally know who made it.  We are committed to ensuring your full satisfaction from owning it.

Thank you for your purchase!

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