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liberty and oak batik throws
liberty and oak robes
liberty and oak blankets for littles
Liberty for the captives … and they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor Isaiah 61
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“I received this robe as a gift this past summer, and fell almost immediately in love!  The very first detail that stood out was the incredible hand stitching!  I am a wedding photographer, and see many robes over the course of a wedding season. Liberty & Oak’s robes are definitely of a high caliber / luxury quality.  It is quite obvious that there is an immense amount of care that goes into each item.  They are delicate, but not flimsy and so very soft.  I highly recommend for brides, but also for any other gal out there that wants to drink her morning latte in the finest silk.”
“I am so glad I found Liberty & Oak.  They sell ethically made blankets that are as beautiful as they are soft and warm!  The vibrant colours of the fabric, mixed with the intricate designs, make each blanket an absolute treasure!”
“We were gifted many blankets when my daughter first arrived over 2 years ago. The only one that has not been packed away, that is used almost every night, and the one I steal when I curl up with a book is from Liberty & Oak.  Over the past two years it has been constantly used, washed many times and has more than maintained its softness, colour, shape, and appearance.  I am always scheming how I can get more of these impeccable products because of their beauty and high quality!  If you are still debating supporting these incredible women, I cannot say in enough ways that your money will be will spent in every way with L&O.”

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